Size guide

Size guide

Our popular and award-winning weekend bags are available in two different models and two sizes in each model.

What is the difference between the two models?

The picture above shows our 2 models. The bag on the right (Model II) has been equipped with the possibility to further adjust the size by attaching buckles on the short sides, so you could say that the Model II is slightly more flexible and allows you to adjust the size a little further. But the biggest difference between the models is the design and style – we love both bags and want to give you the opportunity to choose your favourite bag based on your personal style.

What is the difference between the sizes Standard and XL and XXL?

Weekend bag:StandardXLXXL
Length50 cm55 cm58 cm
Width30 cm30 cm30 cm
Height25 cm30 cm30 cm
Volume37.5 litres49.5 litres52.2 litres

The picture below shows the difference between Weekend bag II Standard (brown) on the left and Weekend bag II XXL (black) on the right:

Model II: Standard vs XXL

The picture below shows the difference between Weekend bag Standard (dark brown) on the left and weekend bag XL (light brown) on the right:

Standard vs XXL

The picture below shows Weekend bag II XXL (brown) on the left and Weekend bag XL on the right


The picture below shows all sizes.

From left to right: Standard (Model II), XXL (Model II), Standard, XL

Can I bring my Bagasi as a cabin bag on a flight?

According to today’s IATA standard (a voluntary agreement between airlines), hand luggage may be a maximum of 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm (length, width, height). Bagasi’s weekend bags in size “Standard” have the dimensions 50 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm and thus meet this IATA standard. Most airlines use these restrictions, but different airlines may have different rules for hand luggage dimensions and weight. You may need to check the dimensions of your suitcase and match them with the information provided by the airline.

The advantage of Bagasi weekend bags is that they are soft, which gives more flexibility in terms of size depending on how much you pack compared to a hard suitcase. At the same time, a soft suitcase has a larger packing volume compared to a hard-shell suitcase with corresponding external dimensions. You also can’t squeeze extra packing into a hard-shell bag, even though it’s actually full. A soft bag like Bagasi’s weekend bag can therefore be packed less to adjust the dimensions, or packed extra so that it bulges a little, and is thus the more flexible choice.

The pictures below show how our dark brown Weekend Bag Standard fits into the overhead compartment on an airplane

weekend bag overhead compartment
weekendväska läder xxl
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